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Test: Novice




1) What is the solid particles used in chromatography called?

- The solid phase.

- The stationary phase.

- The column phase.

- The particular phase.




2) What is the liquid used in chromatography called?

- The pumped phase.

- The transparent phase.

- The mobile phase.

- The solution phase.




3) What makes the liquid pass through the column?

- The capillary forces.

- A pump.

- Gravity.

- Electricity




4) What is the function of the detector in HPLC?

- It detects disturbances in the current.

- It detects the molecules coming out ftom the column.

- It detects leakage.

- It detects stray light.




5) What is the function of the injector?

- It injects the sample solution into the HPLC system.

- It injects energy into the column to facilitate the separation.

- It injects light into the detector.

- It injects liquid into the reservoir.


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