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HPLC Self test



Test your knowledge in chromatography!

Here you can test your level of knowledge in the field of HPLC theory.


If you only want a basic understanding of the principles of chromatography you should look at the Novice section.


If you use HPLC regularly you need to know the terminology and concepts that are used in chromatography. Furthermore, you also need to have a basic understanding of how different expeimental parameters affect the separation. It is also important to have a good understanding of the equipment. In the HPLC user section you can test your level of knowledge.


If you are responsible for the HPLC work in a laboratory or work with development of HPLC methods, you need to be thoroughly familiar with basic chromatographic concepts and their physico-chemical interpretation. You also need to know and understand how to affect the separation by changing the experimental parameters. Before you do the test you may find it worthwhile to read more about reversed phase chronatography at The test HPLC developer is made for you.


Chromatographic research and advanced method development requires a basic understanding of many areas within physical chemistry and chemical engineering. You need to have a good knowledge about e.g.:  The interpretation of the mass balance equation for chromatography and its consequences. Thermodynamics, kinetics and fluid dynamics concepts. Intermolecular forces, properties of solutions etc. In the "HPLC scientist" section you will find a test of your knowledge at this level.


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