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HPLC scientist



Are you working with advanced HPLC development?


Those who have high aspirations and want to become qualified experts or scientitsts in liquid chromatography now have a unique opportunity to apply to an Advanced Course in Liquid Chromatography. The course is given by Professor Jan Ståhlberg, Academy of Chromatography, and can be followed on-line. Read more about this course.

Below you find some basic material in chromatographic theory.


Development of advanced HPLC methods requires a thorough understanding of chromatographic theory. This site will give you a start.


We recommend you to first go to the animation in the "HPLC developer" section. Look at the three animations and try to understand the reason for their different outcomes. This is a good start for further studies.


Secondly, a good understanding of how the basic mass balance equation is derived is well spent time.


From a scientific point of view chromatography comprises several disciplines. Important areas that a chromatographer at this level must be acquainted with include:

- Intermolecular forces.

- Theories of solutions

- Thermodynamics.

- Surface chemistry

- Mass transfer

- Hydrodynamics.


Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the implications of the mass balance equation for chromatography is needed. It is also important to have a good understanding of the theory for multicomponent chromatography .


In conclusion, a person working at this level needs a good background in physical sciences as well as a technical knowledge about the equipment.


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