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HPLC Links



Useful HPLC links:


We also have a complete site about reversed phase chromatography.


HPLC Course is the home page of this site


HPLC theory; Novice; HPLC user; HPLC method developer; HPLC scientist are the tutorials for different levels of knowledge at this site.


Chromatography Animation; Chromatographic Concepts; LC animation; HPLC instrument; are different animations presented at this site.


HPLC self test; Test Novice; Test HPLC user; Test HPLC method developer; Test HPLC scientist are the different knowledge tests at this site.


HPLC terminology is a list of the nomenclature used in chromatography.



Links for the novice:


James K. Hardy has an illustration of TLC


University of Guelph shows how chromatography is used to identify compounds.


Dan Damelin illustrates how mobile phase composition affects the retention



Links for the HPLC user:


Instrumentalchemistry, here you find animations of the HPLC instrumentation


LC resources have a good tutorial about HPLC


Sam Houston State University gives you an animation of the injector



Links for the HPLC method developer


Yurij Kazakevich has a good tutorial about chromatography


Kenndler is another tutorial about chromatography and so is Scott.


Dr. S. Levin has a lot of tutorial material about chromatography


Proteinchemist has an introduction about ion exchange chromatography of proteins


Professor Piers discusses ion chromatography HPLC portal - a categorized directory of links, news, education, reference, training, HPLC columns and equipment.


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